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Warrants Obtained Within 18 Calendar Days On Average & Seventy-Five Percent Within 23 Calendar Days

Marshal Renzulli and his team are here to ensure that landlords are able to enforce their rights at the earliest possible date.  To that end, we track the length of time that it takes us to obtain your Warrants of Eviction from the Courts.  Click below to see the results of our analysis. 

Average and Median No. of Calendar Days to Obtain Warrants

Notable Matters Handled By Our Office


Index No. 61035/2015 (New York County)

Respondent filed for bankruptcy.  Marshal proceeded with execution of Warrant of Eviction after determining that bankruptcy petition was insufficient to trigger stay of eviction proceeding under the United States Code (USC).

Index No. 66792/2016 (New York County)

A mere 22 calendar days elapsed from case intake to execution of Warrant of Eviction

Index No. 53407/2017 (New York County)

Prior to execution of Warrant of Eviction, respondent filed several complaints with the NYC Department of Investigation (DOI).  Warrant of Eviction executed expeditiously nonetheless.  Post-execution, respondent filed additional complaints with DOI, made a claim against the Marshal's bond and filed a complaint with the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) against the Marshal's process server.  Marshal filed successful responses to ALL complaints, including that with DCA against his process server, resulting in the rejection of all of respondent's claims.

Index No. 81782/2017 (New York County)

Warrant of Eviction naming over 50 respondents obtained upon first requisition AND within four calendar days from submission.

Dedication to Excellence


Professional Service

  • Marshal Renzulli is an admitted NYS attorney since 1996 and served as a prosecutor in Brooklyn for 15 years before becoming a City Marshal in 2012
  • Two seasoned, professional Landord/Tenant Office Managers lead his Office
  • The Marshal and his Office easily handle complex or unusual situations on any given day as part of their usual course of business
  • Unrelenting attention is paid to every detail of each case


Quality Control and Communication Throughout the Process

  • Thorough and correct preparation of Warrant Requisitions prior to submission to the Courts
  • Frequent personal submission to - and retrieval from - the Courts
  • Expedited receipt of after-trial / inquest cases from clients via email
  • Prompt notification to clients of developments in their cases via telephone and email (fax notification for clients who so prefer)


Efficient Operation Focused on Demonstrable Results

  • Rapid turnaround between intake of clients' cases to receipt of their Warrants of Eviction from the Courts
  • Quarterly updating of the above-linked statistical analysis of our overall performance
  • Clients' concerns promptly addressed
  • Service of Notice of Eviction within two business days and priority scheduling of evictions based upon first legal date of eviction
  • Pro Se clients are a welcome part of our business
  • Monthly invoicing available for high-volume clients

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FOIL Inquiries

Parties considering submitting a Freedom Of Information Law (F.O.I.L.) Request to the Marshal are directed to open and review the below file.

FOIL Statement (pdf)



City Marshals are supervised by the Bureau of City Marshals, New York City Department of Investigation, 80 Maiden Lane, New York, NY  10038.

Complaint Telephone Number: (212) 825-5953